October 14th, 2011


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A new blog uses many voices to tell Utah road users how to stay safe.

For some serious fun, take a motorcycle safety class. Rachel Leiker did so and wrote about her experience for the Highway Safety Office Blog.

The Utah Department of Public Safety, Highway Safety Office has a new blog that uses a variety of authors to promote safety. Experts when it comes to safety on the road, blog authors are personally involved in a number of important efforts. “Our office’s program managers are passionate about their programs and it shows in their writing,” says Derek Miller, Highway Safety Program Specialist and one of the authors.

The Office of Highway Safety has 13 programs aimed at all types of road users – cyclists, motorists and passengers. The programs emphasize knowing the rules of the road and making the best choices, like wearing approved protective gear when riding a motorcycle.

Many posts are also backed up by studies or statistics with punch. A Click It or Ticket post by Kristy Kay cites how high visibility enforcement of safety belt laws helps save lives: “…the Click It or Ticket mobilization is credited with helping to increase the state’s belt usage rate from 67.4 percent in 2000 to an observed rate of 89.0 percent in 2010. Belt use saves thousands of lives each year across America and seatbelts have saved an estimated 1,355 lives in Utah since 2000.” That direct message is a great example why everyone needs to buckle up!

Even though the topics are serious, authors convey messages in an entertaining way. Author Helen Knipe’s post  explains how being a cyclist helps her drive with respect, and observe the rules of the road: “When I see cyclists in the road, I see myself  (except they’re usually riding faster than I do…) I have no problem waiting to pass a cyclist, giving cyclists extra room, exercising greater caution whenever they’re around – because that’s exactly what I would want drivers to do around me when I’m on my bike.”

Many of the posts have great images and videos that speak volumes. High school student Jake Barube won an iPod touch for his visually appealing motorcycle safety video using stop motion animation.

Jake’s on-camera narrative also uses humor. He urges motorcycle riders to wear approved protective gear “unless you enjoy the taste of asphalt.” His parting sentiment, “The safer you are the more fun you’ll have” are words any parent would want their teen to understand.

Guest posts give some good safety narratives too. Rachel Leiker attended a motorcycle safety training class. In her post she says, “This is seriously one of the most fun ways to spend a weekend, and the skills you learn don’t hurt either.”

Bookmark the site and check back often!

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  1. I like the blog, it is good to see so many authoritative and informed blogs out there these days. I read Helen’s blog about “Motorcycle Safety” and did enjoy it. There are so many things to be aware of when driving on the highways that it is important to keep up on safety tips on a regular basis.

  2. Great list of links on highway safety. The roads have definitely become more dangerous over the years with the increase in cars, motorcycles and trucks and everyone needs to be cautious to help avoid getting into accident.

  3. Just watched video of the multi-vehicle pileups that occurred in Wyoming over this weekend, and from this footage it is clear that 7 out of 10 commercial drivers are driving faster than conditions allow. As an EMS provider, I see the benefits of safer designed vehicles everyday, and have responded to numerous collisions with only minor injuries that would have been certainly fatal with the auto designs of 20 years ago, but what we are still seeing is a problem with operators \ commercial operators that should not be allowed on the road. Watch the footage of these horrible wrecks; some operators are able to slow down because they are Paying Attention; the rest are not slowing down because they are not Paying Attention, and it is about 7 out of 10 who are driving faster than conditions allow.
    The ball has certainly been dropped somewhere, and it has actually been dropped at all levels, from the National Transportation and Highway Safety Administrations to the State and Local government levels, and these pileups just keep happening!
    Everyone reading this blog, has probably seen his, or her, share of commercial trucks passing at high rates of speed, and driving faster than conditions allow.
    The mass pileups occurring around the country are evidence of drivers who should have never been licensed commercially, and companies that have no interest in safety, but are only interested is turn around time and profit. A culture of profit before safety has been allowed to exist in the commercial trucking industry for years.
    I urge anyone reading this post to voice your concerns to your Local, State, and Federal legislators, and let them know if you, like me, don’t feel safe on our nations highways. The evidence speaks for itself; 7 out of 10 commercial drivers will drive faster than conditions allow, and little is being done about it. We’ve made the vehicles safer; now let’s make drivers safer, and make the commercial trucking industry, and the regulatory boards clean up their act!
    Michael W Cuber EMT III

    Michael W Cuber at April 21, 2015 12:32 pm
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