June 30th, 2010

Hot cars, cool employees

Uncategorized, by Catherine Higgins.

Director John Njord talks to Frank Pisani from UDOT Planning

Today, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) employees were treated to an appreciation picnic and car show at the Calvin Rampton Complex.

It was very warm outside but the food was delicious and the company was even better! As a bonus, employees brought cars to show during the lunch. Director John Njord and Deputy Director Carlos Braceras welcomed and thanked all employees one by one.

Deputy Director Carlos Braceras was part of the welcome team

Food cooked outside always seems to taste better!

UDOT employees enjoy lunch. Notice a few cars in the background.

Brothers Chuck and Nile Easton stand by a '69 Triumph TR 6.

Barry Sharp removes the top from his 1973 Porche 911 Targa. He considers the car part of his family. Barry rebuilt the engine..."THAT was an experience!" he said.

Craig Sorensen owns this 1971 Chevy pickup. Four years of work went into making the truck great for going "outcatn" (see the license plate).

Steve and Denice McCarthy stand between their 1969 Chevrolet Camero and 1929 Ford Model A.

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Responses to “Hot cars, cool employees”

  1. Nice Porche – I used to have a “Speedster”. Some awesome vehicles on show.

  2. Catherine Higgins:

    Really “Hot cars, cool employees”

    I like ’69 Triumph, and other vehicles is ok

  3. I always loved cars, specially Porsche and I’m willing to buy one of it sooner or later. (finger crossed!)

  4. very nice cars!!beautifull!! and nice party to,as i see!!

  5. Had a great time! Fun to see all the great cars too.

  6. The best Chevrolet Camero ever! Amazing:)

  7. Dude that CamAro is awesome, if you ever want to sell that beauty let me know please :)

  8. Excellent cars, wish i can own 1 of them.

  9. Very nice old-timers and one amazing hobby for a man! I like it too, but it costs much time to keep it in top beauty and in operating status. Unfortunately I don’t have. So, I keep my finger crossed for you!
    P.: Beauty women belong to nice cars too!

  10. great pictures love the 911 targa , i have been trying to buy one but here in the uk they are like 15,000 gbp for a standard oldie , let me know if anyone has one that needs work plus any tips on what to look out for

  11. looks like a good time had by all, nice looking cars

  12. I want those cars.. lol
    btw looks like a great picnic

  13. wooow the ford A and the camaro they are the best!! ohh my good i like this post

  14. Wow.. Look at that. Lots of nice cars there. and a nice picnic of course. It’s been a long time since I had one myself.

  15. I have one Ford car and it so good !

  16. Some of the cars look fantastic ! Love the 1973 Porche 911 Targa.

  17. These cars look amazing, especially the Camero

    good post. take care

  18. Thanks for sharing, 1971 Chevy is so amazing !

  19. My friend also have one “69 Triumph TR 6″, I like this car !

  20. Very nice old-timers and one awesome hobby for a man! I like it too, however it expenses significantly time to help keep it in best beauty and in operating its costly. Unfortunately I don’t time to do that. So, I maintain my finger crossed for you! What are those girls? Beautiful ladies there ….belong to nice automobiles too!

  21. USA is the financially strong country and definitely there are good cars.


  22. i like bmw, ferrari car but its price to high.


  23. Those cars certainly make you turn heads on the street. Excellent cars, wish i can own one of them some days. Hope soon

  24. the ford A and the camaro they are the best

  25. Now that’s I call a CAR .

  26. To heck with the cars, check the B-B-Q – how long til summer? Yummmy!!

  27. Definitively some nice hot cars. I have done a lot of work restoring headlamps on some of these type of cars. Very nice.

  28. I have always wanted a 72 Chevelle, I like the old school cars :)

  29. Look all nice cars along with refreshment peoples

  30. All pictures are really nice , i also like the cars , great one .

  31. Definitively some nice hot cars. I have done a lot of work restoring headlamps on some of these type of cars. Very nice.

  32. I love old cars!!! Its my dream to own one one day!

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