May 24th, 2010

UDOT urges travelers to “Stay an Extra Day” and avoid holiday travel delay

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Thinking of taking a road trip during a summer holiday weekend? Staying an extra day just got cheaper. UDOT and the Utah Office of Tourism hope some discounts for lodging and attractions will mean a decrease in traffic moving through construction zones during peak travel times and an increase in tourism.

The  “Stay an Extra Day” promotion is focused on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Pioneer Day and Labor Day holidays as well as on weekends throughout the summer. Offers range from half-off a fourth night hotel stay over a summer weekend to a discount on a sunset cruise near Memorial Day.

Businesses interested in participating can still submit offers or update existing offers already posted on the website.

For questions or to submit information, contact Christina Davis at 1-888-i15Core or

For information on summer construction projects and to plan ahead to avoid delays, visit Know Where Know Why.

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