April 21st, 2010

Introducing The UDOT Blog

Uncategorized, by Catherine Higgins.

News about UDOT for employees, partners and friends

Send in project images for use on the blog. This image shows work on I-15 between Davis and Salt Lake Counties.

Welcome! Our blog is designed to let you share ideas, discuss events, programs, projects and practices at the Utah Department of Transportation. The format is based in part on a recent survey of UDOT employees. A total of 803 employees answered and gave lots of great feedback. One thing was clear from the survey: People who answered prefer short articles . So, most posts will be short.

Please take a minute to notice the tabs at the top of the blog

“News” posts will be listed newest first. To find older posts, scroll down or search using the Category box or Search box at the right. “About” has information on the purpose of the blog and comment policy. “ Events” has a link to some UDOT calendars.

For our first posts, please see a message from John Njord, images from a recent girder placement, and a profile of Jason Davis, new director of Region One. To comment, move your cursor over the word “Comment,” located under the post heading, and click.

Please share your ideas, images, comments and questions on this blog or email Catherine Higgins at chiggins@utah.gov.

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Responses to “Introducing The UDOT Blog”

  1. Excellent article on Jason Davis. I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Thanks, Judie. Jason is enthusiastic about UDOT and very fun to talk to.

    Catherine Higgins at May 3, 2010 3:34 pm
  3. Yes, really clean design. Doesn’t look like your average blog!

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